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Beholding Prayer

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Eastern Point SunriseGreetings from Maine!

I recently returned from my 30-day retreat in Gloucester, MA where I was introduced to the "beholding" prayer that I think you might like.  You simply ask God to behold you, to see you, to hear you, and to feel what you may be feeling at the moment.  Then you ask God for the grace to behold Him, to feel His presence and to hear Him. 

You can do this at anytime and anywhere.  I did this the other day while standing in line at the grocery store.  Here's what I prayed:  "Dear God, please behold me, behold the clerk and each person waiting to be served.  Please see us, feel what each one is feeling at this time, and give each person what he/she needs ~ peace, joy, strength, healing, etc.  Thank you very much."

I find praying this way so delightful.  It makes me smile and gives me great joy.  What a wonderful way to connect with God and to pray for others. 

You might want to try it.  I'd love to hear about your experience. 

More to come on my retreat experience in Gloucester.

(Sunrise photo taken from my room at Eastern Point Retreat House)

9 Comments on "Beholding Prayer"

Peggy says:
I went to the supermarket early this morning, preparing for the storm that may hit us on Sunday. As I stood there in line, I thought of you and the Beholding Prayer. I said the prayer for all those who were in the store with me - many of them with confused or panicked faces. I felt the power of the Lord as I said the prayer. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am looking forward to hearing you share what you learned during your retreat. Thank you, Sister Elaine.
Sr. Elaine says:
Peggy, I'm so glad you experienced the power of the Lord as He beheld you and all the people in the supermarket. Thanks for sharing.
Jane says:
Thank you for sharing the "Beholding Prayer". This prayer which I will begin praying as I leave for Bangor today, reminds me of "active contemplation" which I became familiar with many years ago. Peggy was in the marketplace and prayed. I,too, look forward to the insights you derived in prayer during your 30 day retreat. Thank you, Sister Elaine, for sharing.

Charlene Rossignol says:
Thanks, Elaine. This prayer is wonderful.
I also love your blog.
Peggy says:
There is something very powerful about the "Beholding Prayer". I can't quite figure it out, but there is something that makes a strong connection with the Lord while praying. As I was driving today, doing my errands, I prayed, "Behold the women who may hear a quiet whisper in their hearts to think about becoming a Sister. Please, Lord, make Your voice louder. Behold them, see them, know them, and help them to be inspired to contact Sister Elaine if this is Your will." I invite others to pray for Vocations.
Sue says:
This is a prayer I can use every day as I stand in front of my fifth grade students in a multicultural classroom. I will ask God to see them, hear them and help them in their efforts to be good students and to learn all that they can. I will also aske God to behold me to give me strength and patience to do the best that I can; to hear me, feel what I am feeling and to guide me each day. I really like this prayer,Elaine, thank you.
Sam says:
This is quite lovely. Thank you.
Sr. Jacqueline Bilodeau says:
Dear Elaine, I enjoyed your sharing. Thanks for letting us know about the new way you learned during your retreat. I have to say that there is one part that I have difficulty to pray with because I feel that I am already so selfish that the first part of this prayer is all about me & me. I relly don't feel comfortable with that part But the second part is more attractive to me and I can easily pray asking the the Lord to behold me...
Sr. Elaine says:
Sr. Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe the prayer was meant to include both God beholding you and you beholding Him. Grateful for your insight.

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