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What a powerful retreat we just experienced!

Every year before February 2nd, we are privileged to have a weekend retreat to prepare ourselves to renew our vows ~ always remembering our Foundress, Marie Fitzbach Roy, and her collaborators who pronounced their vows on February 2nd, 1856.

This year, instead of requesting a presenter from elsewhere to give the retreat, we were blessed with  our own Sisters.  Yes, Sr. Dorina, Sr. Joanne, and Sr. Maureen were exceptional in their sharing.  Their Sisterly presentations moved me to tears ~ tears of gratitude for my Sisters in community, tears of thanksgiving for their generosity and depth of sharing, tears of awe and wonder seeing God's powerful work in our midst, and tears of joy for a future full of hope.  Together we do shine the brightest and the best!

Thank you God for our SCIM Congregation and for having set your eyes on me for this special calling.  If young women only knew the gift YOU offer . . .

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