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Let the Shooting End

Updated: Aug 15

God, our hearts are broken with pain at the senseless deaths

caused by gun violence.

Families mourn, children live in fear, and some in our nation respond

by arming themselves with more guns with greater capacity to end life.

Our disconnection and alienation has caused some to turn to guns

for protection and safety.

We ask that you touch our hearts with your love, heal our

brokenness, and turn us away from violence toward peace.

Help us to transform our own hearts and to seek peaceful ways of

resolving our differences.

Let our hands reach out and connect with those who feel alone,

those who live in fear, and those suffering from mental illness.

Let our voices be raised asking our legislators to enact gun laws to

protect all in our society, especially those most vulnerable.

Let our pens write messages demanding change while also scripting

words of hope and transformation.

We ask this in the name of the God who desires that we live

together in peace.


This prayer was originally published by the Sisters of Mercy

Visit sistersofmercy.org/resources/ for more information

and resources.

Feel free to share thoughts, intentions, prayers....

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