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Portraits and Landscapes, Sister Phyllis Doyle, RSM

Sister Phyllis shares one of her poems with our S.C.I.M. Website friends.

Thoreau at Walden Pond

His slight frame haunts the trails He too would hibernate

Leading to the mound of earth Like the forest creatures

Where his hut once stood. Hold up in their lairs

No wildflower hidden in the grass Until the boom of cracking ice

Around the simple frame Signaled the thaw's arrival,

Would miss his greeting, And he hailed the mud

No bird would sing unheard. On Walden.s banks

He saw the heavens best by Releasing winter's rigid grip

Looking downward in the water. On the bound earth

In summer he would watch clouds And on his spirit.

Float across its surface

In a light shimmer of green

From the guardian trees.

Later he would see them

Drop their red flags

Deep into the pond

Before the frozen crust

Would bury them.

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