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"Prayer, community life, and service mark the rhythm of our life in the footsteps of Jesus, the Good Shepherd."

We are a community of women who love what we do and are committed to communicating love and goodness. We are the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also known as the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec.

With tenderness and compassion, we primarily serve women, youth and the poor.


Our Ministries

Esther Residence

Esther Residence is a transitional program for women who are leaving incarceration.

St. Andre Home

Through St. Andre Home, we communicate God's love and goodness to women, young girls, children, and families who come to our doors in need.

Social Work

Sisters trained as Social Workers help those in need through a number of initiatives.

Pastoral Care

Our sisters have ministered to people in their homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. Sisters have also ministered to the sick and dying in hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Our Sisters have been educators in both Catholic and public schools, serving as principals, teachers, tutors, teacher-aids, faith formators and youth ministers.

Prison & Jail Transitions

Sisters work with women transitioning from prison back into society, helping them access community resources and  offering support and encouragement. 


The Sisters and Good Shepherd Affiliates connect women of all backgrounds with the services and programs to get the help they need with confidence to achieve their goals.

Social Justice

The concept of Social Justice is central to our Christian faith and has its roots in scripture, particularly in the teachings of Jesus.

SCIM Worldwide

In addition to our ministries in the United States our Sisters are dedicated to communicate love and goodness in other parts of the world. 

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