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Social Justice

Social Justice and the Dignity of the Human Person


The concept of Social Justice is central to our Christian faith and has its roots in scripture, particularly in the teachings of Jesus.  For many of us, we think of Social Justice within the context of the social order. If there are problems with discrimination, then we think there ought to be a law against it. If it represents a situation that perpetuates the existence of an underclass in our social order, such as unequal access to education or to employment, then there ought to be a law against that too. But if we are to live in a socially just society, we must examine our attitude about the source from which justice flows.

Justice is a virtue that should first be practiced by people. We cannot abandon personal responsibility for justice in the hope that it will be effectively covered by the law. The real key to social justice lies in our ability as individuals to act justly and our ability to recognize injustice in the structures of social order and work to remedy them.

Social Justice Events


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