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Our Affiliates

Good Shepherd Affiliation

"Communicating Love and Goodness as God Wills"


To prolong the charism of Love and Goodness for the greater glory of God and the good of the poor.


  • Grow in one's faith journey with other faith-filled persons.

  • Join in meetings and activities with Affiliates and Sisters.

  • Live the charism of Love and Goodness through action and prayer according to one's ability.

  • Share in the rich spiritual heritage of the community.


  • Faith sharing with other men and women.

  • Yearly weekend retreat.

  • Participating in community projects and celebrations.

  • Option of coming to a silent space for day retreat.

  • Joining other affiliates by making a yearly commitment.

  • Exploring for oneself the possibility of vowed affiliation.

  • Dialogue with Affiliates and Sisters.


  • Attend meetings in the area that is most convenient and closest to you.

  • Choice of being part of the planning team for the meetings and activities of the program.

  • Grow in your faith through prayer, readings, and service to others.

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affiliate picnic Aug. 2019 (2).JPG



Learn about the lives of the two faith-filled lay founders   so as to be enriched by their Christian lives:

George Manly Muir, lawyer, husband, and member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, whose persistence and caring led him to bring his project to his Bishop: Open a home for women coming out of jail.

Marie Fitzbach Roy, wife, stepmother, mother, widow, religious, retired woman, whose reply to the Bishop's request to open a home for women coming out of jail, was, "I accept your request as God's Will for me?" In her heart, she hoped, "If only, I could help a few of these women and make them true Mary Magdalenes!"

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