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Religious Vows

The vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience are professed by those called to live a consecrated life.


"Religious chastity, an exceptional gift from the Father, forever seals our covenant with Jesus and consecrates our heart like His to a redeeming love." (SCIM Constitutions 22)

Everyone is called to live a chaste life, but to be able to live celibate chastity is an exceptional gift received from God. One cannot live this without that special grace given by God.

That's one reason why we say that we are chosen by God to live this life. It is God who first called each one of us and prepared us for this vocation. We respond and pray for the grace to remain faithful until we die. By committing ourselves to love in a single-hearted way, we allow God's love for us and our love for God to be the center and source of our love for others.


"Following the example of Jesus, who being rich became poor for our sake, we choose to live a life of voluntary poverty."(SCIM Constitutions 34)

Through the vow of Poverty, we commit ourselves to live simply in spirit and in fact, to share all things in common, and to use what we have for carrying out our mission in the Church.


"Together, we seek to recognize the Will of God in the call of the Church, to hear it in the appeals of our brothers and sisters, and to discern it in all events." (SCIM Constitutions 31)

By the vow of Obedience, we commit ourselves to listen to God's will revealed in a special way in the community to which we belong, in order to carry out our mission in the Church and remain faithful to God's plan.

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