SCIM Worldwide

In addition to our ministries in the United States our Sisters are dedicated to communicate love and goodness in other parts of the world. Choose a flag and enter into their place in the world.


With the help of our Good Shepherd Affiliates, our mission of mercy among women, children and the poor is carried out through our own institutions and in partnership with other organizations.

In Quebec, Canada

We offer assistance and shelter to

  • Women in difficulty

  • Female students in need of housing

  • Victims of domestic abuse

  • The homeless

  • Women transitioning from prison


We promote Gospel values among young people, from ages 6-30 encouraging steadfast faith and loving support of youth by their peers.

We run a program that prepares men and women interested in mission work to become lay missionaries.

Visit our Canadian Sisters' Website

In Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa

We help individual and families afflicted by life’s tragedies and traumas through the ministry of pastoral care.

We direct a group home, university and school residences, medical clinics and a residence for young working women.

Through these, we provide:

  • Quality education for students in both primary and secondary schools

  • Housing for adolescent girls living too far from school

  • A safe environment for young working women ages 18-35

  • Maternity and medical clinics for family health care

  • Transitional housing for single mothers and their babies

  • Basic education and faith formation in three prisons

View our Lesotho Sisters' Website

In Natal, Brazil

Our residence for girl students, multipurpose facility and day centers help:

  • Destitute adolescent girls ages 12-17

  • Single mothers and their children

  • Female victims of prostitution, domestic violence, narcotics and alcohol

  • Young women in need of professional social and faith education

  • Adolescent girls seeking guidance in their Christian and spiritual life


In Haiti, Grandes Antilles

Our nursing school, day centers for women, medical clinics, and grade schools help:

  • Women ages 14-25 to develop their natural skills and prepare them 

                                   for their roles as wives, mothers, and citizens

  • Women ages 18-60 experiencing difficulty

  • The poor, young and old, in need of medical attention

  • Children in need of quality education as well as faith education

  • Young women ages 18-35 pursuing a nursing career


In Kigali, Rwanda

At the Good Shepherd Day Center, we help:

  • The Formation of an indigenous religious community

  • Single women with children

  • Young women exposed to prostitution

  • Widows and orphan girls in charge of families

  • Young women victims of rape

  • Women with unwanted pregnancies

Justice is a virtue that should first be practiced by people. We cannot abandon personal responsibility for justice in the hope that it will be effectively covered by the law. The real key to social justice lies in our ability as individuals to act justly and our ability to recognize injustice in the structures of social order and work to remedy them.

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